Features of CADvizor Logic

Features of CADvizor Logic

1. User registration and authority management

Users with master authority can give engineers the authority to create and edit drawings, and all drawings are managed by the cloud server, so they can be shared with related departments and subordinate departments.

<Authority Management Structure>

2. Optimized circuit design service with user-oriented design

CADvizor captures the designer’s intent, provides discoverability, and reduces the complexity of circuit creation and editing.

<Circuit design screen composition>

  • Compose a complex interface into an easy-to-understand screen through UI/UX optimization
  • Considering discoverability, frequently used functions are marked in important locations, increasing the efficiency of repetitive tasks.
  • Check organic linkage between drawings through real-time information synchronization
  • Reduce the complexity of creating and editing circuits, all in one step process
  • Reduce creation and editing time by automating circuit names
  • Improved ease of editing circuit object properties and provides symbol viewer
  • Provide design work history
  • Comparison design possible by using split screen and dual monitor
  • User-friendly utility functions such as multi-language support (Korean, English, etc.)


3. Specification management through options

An option concept for more efficient drawing design management is provided as the complexity increases due to the rapid increase in electrical equipment. The circuit diagram of the specific specification defined according to the option combination is extracted and expressed.

<The concept of circuit diagram option>

4. Extended design with Share function

If electrical equipment/connectors, etc. are used in multiple systems, duplicate them with the same name.
As a logical concept, since one model information is shared with each other, it can be useful when designing a drawing in a system unit or if the drawing is large.

<Share function concept>

In the case of wire, by expressing the upper and lower components, From/To information can be intuitively identified. This allows you to check the wire connection information throughout the project and drawing. In addition, through the link function, the electrical connection relationship is quickly tracked, and it is convenient to edit and change.

5. Design Rule Check

This is a function that checks whether the designed drawing does not violate the wiring rule and the design rule, and helps to quickly track and improve error items.
Circuit verification work is an important item for quality improvement, and it brings reduction of human errors and improvement of work efficiency through automated verification.
Computerize and share design know-how -> Improve drawing design quality
Leveling up design skills -> Improving the skills of novice designers

<Design verification function>

6. Creation of output in various formats

Automated output is possible after drawing verification without other modules or manual work of reports on items required for designer review.               (Dxf, Dwg, Excel, PDF, etc. in various formats)

Output type: Wire list, Net list, Connector list, Device list, Option list, Symbol list, ETC…

<Various types of printouts>

7. Library details, symbol library support

Through the unification of the computational library, design errors are prevented, unnecessary data storage management problems are solved, and data is collected efficiently.
  • Laying the foundation for efficient sharing of material information
  • Transparent history management of material creation, modification, and deletion
  • Introduction of Revision concept according to material specification change
  • Symbol management and Dxf, Dwg viewer provided

<Library details>

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