About Us

Developer introduction

CADvizor is a dedicated design platform developed by Yura, a company specializing in automotive battlefields and harnesses.


Jata Corporation Yura is the best company in the field of electricity/hannes in Korea. CAD vizor is a CAD that we made to use.


At first, we only used global solutions. However, foreign solutions did not meet the design requirements of the automotive industry, which required extreme quality and strict delivery times.


So we created our own design system. Starting with YuraCAD in 2004, YuraFBD and Wailing Harness simulations were developed, and in 2012 they developed their own CAD engine to push the limits of existing systems, creating a CAD vizor that can run in the Cloud.


We wanted CAD that was easy to learn and easy to use. And I wanted to be able to look at the drawings anytime, anywhere and do the design work. I was sure that would save the battlefield/Hannes designers a lot of time and effort.

CADvizor is Easy

Easy to LEARN, Easy to USE!

Cloud CAD platform

Powered by the cloud, you can design anytime, anywhere


Over 4 million connectors/cymbal libraries are ready to go.


You can create a Yura that understands actual manufacturing and design what you need.

CADvizor is your Guest Engineer!!!