About Us

Our Story

CADvizor came into the world for electrical engineers.

Every day, we can find people who are able to leave the office right at five to spend quality time with their families. However, there are others who stay late and do repetitive CAD tasks with eyes red like zombies. So, we gathered circuit design experts from around the world and started to build a CAD program to help these CAD designers.

CADvizor is a computer-aided design platform that can minimize error rate and increase speed and productivity of CAD projects by using cloud-service technology, optimizing UI/UX, and applying patented-technology based on Advanced Logic Analysis.

Whether it is for automotive-wire-harness design or electronic-cable-harness design, CADvizor lets CAD designers work anywhere and at any time.

With CADvizor, CAD designers can boost productivity and save time at work.

Our Vision

CADvizor is built by a team of experienced individuals in wire harness design. Our vision is to provide the best engineering drawing environment for electrical engineers.

CADvizor’s intuitive and easy-to-use-design allow electrical engineers to work faster. As a cloud-based CAD solution, CADvizor stores data redundantly in the cloud so electrical designers can always access their CAD data anywhere there is an internet connection.

Our goal is to provide innovative value for clients so that we can grow with them. CADvizor supports real-time updates as the software is improved. This ensures that our clients will always be equipped with the latest technologies for their CAD projects.

CADvizor will continue to add more functionalities to its CAD software for our future partners, clients, and users. We are working on functionalities for the following areas:

  • Desiging and mass production of electronic units

  • Design conflict and error detection

  • Automated generation of drawings

  • Optimized BOM function (Modular BOM technique)

  • Outstanding documentation

  • and much more...


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