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Our Story



CADvizor was created for the world’s wiring harness design engineers.


If you look around, you’ll see a lot of designers who have to be zombies to submit their designs, doing only repetitive cad work whether

or not it’s time to get off work.

To help these engineers, we’ve brought in over a decade of field design experts to develop CAD solutions that haven’t existed in the world.

UI/UX optimization for easy and fast design, Cloud platform for infrastructure-agnostic design environments, and patent technology based on Advanced Logic Analysis have enabled us to minimize drawing errors and speed up design.

Whether you’re designing an automotive/aircraft battlefield, circuit design of electronic devices, or harness design of all kinds of medium and equipment, CADvizor can provide you with efficiency in designing your battlefield.


Focus on your original design! CADvizor is a new design tool

and we will work with you in every battlefield/hannes job in the world!

History of CADvizor


Development of YuraCAD MFG (W/H Manufacturing Design) Module (SourceCode on AutoCAD)


Development of W/H Path Configuration Simulation (based on CATIA3D)


YuraCAD FBD(Formboard) Module

and Assemble Module Development


Development of W/H Travel Length Simulation (based on CATIA3D)


Development of W/H Production Information Management System (KAI)


Development of W/H Inspection Automation System (KAI)


Development of its own CAD engine


yCAD MFG development and field application (self-CAD engine application)


yCAD Logic Development


adding yCAD Formatboard (FBD) and COST modules


CADvizor Logic

(Government Task: SaaS-based Optimal Field Design System) Development

  Circuit Analysis Module Supply (KAI)


Build CADvizer Portal, Register Trademark (USA, China, Korea)


Development of CADvizor MFG   

Patent registration: method of calculating the cost of wiring harnesses using modular BOM


CADvizor external supply(HKMC, Yura Coporation, Yura Hannes, YuraTech Etc…)


CADvizor External Supply (Merit Eng, Oriental Logistics, International General Machinery, etc.)

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